The COURCELLE Group positions itself as project manager in order to conduct your large-scale logistics operations.

iso 9001  ISO 50001

Our Quality, Safety, Environment and Energy policy

For many years, the COURCELLE Group has been conducting preventive actions for a continuous improvement of its Quality, Safety, Environment and Energy Management System (QSEEn).

As a result of the undertaken work, it has obtained the ISO 9001 certification in April 2020 and the ISO 50 001 certification in October 2021.

This goal has been achieved thanks to the involvement of the whole staff in the ongoing development of the QSEEn Management System.

This development remains the major challenge of the 2020-2021 commitments through :

  • An increased satisfaction and Customer care,
  • A participative management,
  • Professionalism in our Quality Safety Environment and Energy practices,
  • Compliance with regulations.


Consequently, with regard to the QSEEn Management System, the Management delegates :

  • Its enforcement to all the staff of the COURCELLE Group,
  • The monitoring of compliance with the procedures to the Agency Managers, the Department Managers and the Process Pilots,
  • The evaluation of its performance to the Quality/Security/Environment Manager of COURCELLE Group.

In that respect, the Management has decided to be commited to the following progress :

Improve the service provision and reduce the claims ratio,
Maintain our clients satisfaction,
Eliminate risk situations,
Limit our CO2 emissions,
Integrate our subcontractors and suppliers into our Quality Safety Environment and Energy commitments,
Obtain the ISO 9001 and ISO 50 001 certification,
Respect and apply the current legislation as well as the safety rules on the sites of the COURCELLE Group and those of our Customers,
Extend the internal trainings to all the drivers of the COURCELLE Group,
Relay our Quality, Safety, Environment and Energy actions in terms of prevention.

In order to reach the QSEEn Goals that have been set, the COURCELLE Group is commited to providing the necessary resources (human, financial and material) to fulfill these commitments.

Moreover, to meet the requirements related to sustainable development and those of our Customers, the COURCELLE Group has implemented an Energy Management System in order to reduce its energy consumptions.

The COURCELLE Group has obtained the the ISO 50001 certification that validates the conformity of its commitment.

Information on our CO2 emissions (GHG)

The COURCELLE Group is committed to communicating its CO2 emissions to its customers(GHG)                                                                                         

To do so, the COURCELLE Group has decided to make its emissions available on the ADEME platform " PLATEFORM FOR ENVIRONMENTAL DATA EXCHANGE "

For any further information, the QSEEn Manager of the COURCELLE Group is at your disposal to answer your questions.