The French highway code efines different categories according to the weight and dimensions of the convoy.

There are three categories :

Convoys classification





1st Category

≤ 48 T

≤ 3 m

≤ 20 m

2nd Category

> 48 T et ≤ 72 T

> 3 m et ≤ 4 m

> 20 m et ≤ 25 m

3rd Category

> 72 T

> 4 m 

> 25 m 

The COURCELLE Group has a department dedicated to transport authorizations for all categories.

The authorizations are orders issued by the department Prefect and are subject to consultation with service providers.


The dedicated team makes every effort to liaise between the different public and private organizations in order to obtain the circulation permits within the shortest possible period of time.

Whatever the type of authorization, the beneficiary must, prior to any transport, conduct or have conducted under his responsibility, a reconnaissance of the route to be sure of the maneuverability of his convoy and to check that no bylaw regulating traffic will prevent him from taking the planned route.

Some figures

  • 1800 authorizations
    issued yearly on average
    Authorization for a specific route (2nd and 3rd categories)
  • Between 100 et 150 authorizations
    issued yearly
    Foreign authorization